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Maj Hamid / Founder and Chief Executive Officer

An architect of visions. With over 30 years of proven track record, his diversified and highly accomplished resume includes shepherding startups to success, managing large projects with significant contribution to turnaround financial operations, and a strong focus on the real estate landscape, in a series of leadership roles.

Jesse James / Executive Director

A Canadian success story. William G. J. James is a self-made man, he follows his heart and his mind to new and innovative projects, bringing his dedication and passion to every path he follows. He is a humble innovator and astute investor, and has excelled in both private and corporate fields over a seven decade trajectory.

Elizabeth Campbell / Company Secretary

A facilitator of dreams. Bringing meticulous focus and organizational skills to every project, she uses her creativity and communication skills to keep projects on track and exceeding goals. She has 20 years in coordination, advocacy, and design with a focus on project management and facilitation.

Sam Tehranchi / Design Lead Consultant

A creator of spaces. With more than 20 years shaping the skylines of the world, Sam's award-winning talent spans three continents and has already left a lasting mark in major cities. His creativity and passion for living and working spaces that are innovative, beautiful and functional help to shape Monde's vision.